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Re: Les Paul and the Les Pulveriser

we've had this discussion afore on LD but i havent archive hunted-i think 
Kim let it be known that LP had a multitrack hidden behind the stage for 
this bit of showbiz that he is/was so good at.
i have vid of him and Mary Ford multitracking live on stage w/ an Ampex 
machine right out on stage w/ them.

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>Actually, he's not really looping here, but playing along with a 
>prerecorded accompaniment track and acting like he's recording it on the 
>spot. Notice there's an ending that he didn't play in at the start.
>Great musician, but also a natural born BS artist. The Les Paulverizer 
>was a control box running (play, stop, volume) a tape deck offstage. Take 
>things Les said with a large grain of salt...
>Mark Smart