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Re: Walk-through tutorial for Bidule as VST host in Windows (was:Re: bidule)

At 12:39 PM +0200 6/23/07, Per Boysen wrote:
>I'm copying this to the Loopers Delight so anyone else also 
>interested in Bidule can pick up on it. Here's a screen shot: 

Thanks for posting this walkthrough, Per!  I haven't yet had the guts 
to take the plunge this far into Bidule (still merely using it as a 
MIDI processor).  I'm in the middle of composing yet another setup 
revision, however, so maybe I should revisit this.

One question, though: how are you finding the typical CPU usage on 
your setup?  In particular, I know you've not worked a great deal 
with Live 6 (which is what I've been standardized upon, but 99% of 
its function is dedicated solely to plug-in hosting and signal 
routing).  From what you remember back when you *did* use Ableton, 
would you say that your current setup is more or less CPU intensive 
than that?


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