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guitarist into Taiji

Hi Claude

Free workshop on July 11th, 09:00 - 12:30


This workshop sets out to study the relationship between the  
underlying benefits of Tai Chi and related Martial Arts and to find a  
relationship with Arts and Digital Arts. Qi energy flow as developed  
during Tai Chi has been studied by combining computer and motion  
sensor systems and studying teacher and practitioner movements. The  
workshop will start with describing the current research and  
explaining the traditional Chinese medicine explanation for  
sustainable health and well being through Qi flow. Then the theory  
and future embodiments of the research will be explained further  
using various Tai Chi and martial arts concepts and live experiments.  
A relationship will be postulated between the benefits of Qi flow for  
Martial Arts and how this could map directly to Arts and Digital  
Arts. Participants will be invited to actively particpate in various  
experiments and participate in discussions and conclusions.

On 22.06.2007, at 12:56, CV wrote:

> Hey hey
> Here a guitarist very very into Taiji
> very close from playing, improvising, practicing, relaxing,  
> interacting, meditating etc etc...
> same principles everywhere