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Re: f.s. looperlative and eclipse

Hey hey
Here a guitarist very very into Taiji
very close from playing, improvising, practicing, relaxing, interacting, 
meditating etc etc...
same principles everywhere


PS: Yang style, yang sau chung - Chu king hung ligneage

> Scott Drengsen schrieb:
>> I don't have much drive to play my music to other people and I'm much
>> happier focusing on martial arts.I have been inspired by your
>> evolution w/the laptop and who knows what the future holds.
> Aahhh martial arts...
> It's not that far away from music, maybe a lack of melody but certainly 
> there is rhythm and harmony...
> Maybe that's what could get a piece, which is just in my head, come to 
> life: I'd call it Basswords, two bass players sitting face to face and 
> instead of swords playing a bass. They would do a sort of fight with the 
> respect that is common in martial arts.
> But its not a fight against each other, its a fight on a different 
> level...
> I'd attach some sensors to the basses, so they will send out information 
> about their movement, each bass will influence the sound of the other, 
> either with sound or with movement. The two players would do a kind of 
> improvised dance inspired by the movement in martial arts...
> I am more into Aikido for its non-violent philosophy, but all martial 
> do have a core to overcome violence, its like with instruments a matter 
> personal taste and history...
> I need some kicks to keep the idea alive, a bass player who is into 
> martial arts, might be it... ;-)
> Maybe for next years Y2K8? I'd need to find some sponsors though, to get 
> me over to the other side of the world...
> Stefan
> P.S. this would of course sum up as "laptop music"... ;-)
> By the way, I'd be interested in the Wishbass, the only part I could 
> afford from your offers, I guess its gone though, and I don't know how 
> pass it to Europe safely and affordable...
> Stefan
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