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Re: f.s. looperlative and eclipse

Scott Drengsen schrieb:
> I don't have much drive to play my music to other people and I'm much
> happier focusing on martial arts.I have been inspired by your
> evolution w/the laptop and who knows what the future holds.

Aahhh martial arts...

It's not that far away from music, maybe a lack of melody but certainly 
there is rhythm and harmony...

Maybe that's what could get a piece, which is just in my head, come to 
life: I'd call it Basswords, two bass players sitting face to face and 
instead of swords playing a bass. They would do a sort of fight with the 
respect that is common in martial arts.
But its not a fight against each other, its a fight on a different level...
I'd attach some sensors to the basses, so they will send out information 
about their movement, each bass will influence the sound of the other, 
either with sound or with movement. The two players would do a kind of 
improvised dance inspired by the movement in martial arts...

I am more into Aikido for its non-violent philosophy, but all martial 
arts do have a core to overcome violence, its like with instruments a 
matter of personal taste and history...

I need some kicks to keep the idea alive, a bass player who is into 
martial arts, might be it... ;-)

Maybe for next years Y2K8? I'd need to find some sponsors though, to get 
me over to the other side of the world...


P.S. this would of course sum up as "laptop music"... ;-)

By the way, I'd be interested in the Wishbass, the only part I could 
afford from your offers, I guess its gone though, and I don't know how 
to pass it to Europe safely and affordable...


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