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Re: Case against laptops

Cara Quinn schrieb:
>   As I'd mentioned yesterday, to me at least, it's not the equip that 
> matters, it's the expression / rapport.  I think the idea of showmanship 
> is good, but if taken to the point of sacrificing the expression, you 
> essentially are back where you started?...  yes?...
>   So I personally think it just comes down to a balance...  The 
> instruments and showmanship can both help a performer express / 
> communicate to an audience...

I totally agree, most people who have a case "against" something don't 
know it, or only know it from bad performances. If you do music, all is 
about expression. Its how you interact with your instrument, be it 
picking strings, or moving foot pedals or tweaking knobs.

The laptop itself is not the instrument, its HOW you control it. I don't 
see any difference between a horn player with a set of stomp box 
loopers, and a horn player with a foot pedal controlling a laptop. What 
in this scenario could be a case against laptops?

By the way its not true, that laptop musicians could improve by adding 
some visuals, that's fake, and its not addressing the real problem. If 
you can't communicate with your audience, adding some visuals won't 
help. If its boring you should not blame the technology, blame the 
musician, the same is true the other way around, if its good and 
touching its not the instrument/gear which is involved, Its just by 
chance that this musician is using some stuff to express herself...


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