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Re: Headset mic

Qua Veda schrieb:
> You mentioned you are using an AudioTechnica headset mic.  Sounds like a
> very convenient mic that frees up your hands to operate faders, play
> instruments etc.

I am very happy with it, I can't really compare, because its the only 
one I ever used. It was significantly cheaper than any other. I also 
have two AudioTechnica condenser mics which can even, for my taste, hold 
up to a Neumann. The Headset is bigger than those DPA tiny mics, and I 
put up a wind shield, which blows it up even more. That means its very 
visible, but I don't want to hide my instrument anyway...
Only drawback: its wired... hard to dance with, but I am bound to my 
fader boxes anyway...
I just got another AudioTechnica, one of those you put up on DJ 
consoles, for 10 Euros on the flee market...


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