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Re: Really OBSCURE inquiry

Terry Riley did long sax improv with loops.
Don't know about the geography though.

andy butler

Rev Fever wrote:
> A shot in the dark here, I realize, but back in the very 80's (or even 
> late 70's?) in Austin Texas, there was an interesting musician who was a 
> sax player
>  and who did these LONG sax jams a la loops (and?).
> I am trying to remember this guy's name after MANY years, and keeping 
> drawing a blank.
> I think(?) his first name was either Richard or Dickey, (OR...?) but I 
> don't remember now?
> The other "interesting" thing about him was that he got sent to prison 
> for marijuana, for mere possession or sales, I have no idea,
> but I DO know that the laws for ANY weed involvement there were HARSH 
> and the sentences could very potentially be VERY LONG.
> But that is another subject entirely and I do not wish to get into.
> I just want to know more about him and what became of him and / or if 
> there is anything about on the web (OR...?), or if any recordings he did 
> survive,etc?
> Thanx!
> -Rev Fever