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Re: Really OBSCURE inquiry

Don't know if this is the guy you're thinking of, but in the 80's (86?) a guy who did long solo sax improvs came to stay with us in San Francisco while he was touring. I'm blanking on name, but I'm thinking his first name was Jack. He had a cassette release called "Assorted Treats." I remember he was driving his Pinto all over the country doing any gigs he could get. Not sure where he was from, but it wasn't California, could have been Texas. He had long curly hair. Nice guy. If I keep thinking, I'm pretty sure the name will come back. I still have his cassette, buried in my attic somewhere.

On 6/21/07, Rev Fever <revfever@ubergadget.com> wrote:
A shot in the dark here, I realize, but back in the very 80's (or
even late 70's?) in Austin Texas, there was an interesting musician
who was a sax player
  and who did these LONG sax jams a la loops (and?).

I am trying to remember this guy's name after MANY years, and keeping
drawing a blank.
I think(?) his first name was either Richard or Dickey, (OR...?) but
I don't remember now?

The other "interesting" thing about him was that he got sent to
prison for marijuana, for mere possession or sales, I have no idea,
but I DO know that the laws for ANY weed involvement there were HARSH
and the sentences could very potentially be VERY LONG.
But that is another subject entirely and I do not wish to get into.

I just want to know more about him and what became of him and / or if
there is anything about on the web (OR...?), or if any recordings he
did survive,etc?


-Rev Fever

Art Simon