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Re: EDP Multiply Question

   Hey David, sorry for the delay; have been very busy...

   -Am reacquainting myself with the EDP after a while, so am rereading 
manual among other things.  So far I (believe it or not) haven't found a 
way to do this,  however, I'm sure it must be possible, so I'll continue 
look, for you, as I go, K?...

Have a wonderful day!!!



At 09:48 AM 6/20/2007 -0700, you wrote:

>I'm reposting this, as got overlooked in the laptop frenzy  :-)
>All I want to do it copy the loop's material to another loop (which may 
>already have content).  Do it w/o overdubbing, so I can noodle for a 
>until I want to include it in this new spot.
>Regards 'n respect, David
>David Auker wrote:
>>What setting(s) enables Multiply-to-next loop w/o any overdubbing going 
>>on?  I mostly just want to copy to next loop (overiding any pre-existing 
>>material there), and play while that's happening but not overdub at that 
>>time.  I'm using FCB1010, SwitchQuant=Cnf,
>>AutoRecord=On, LoopCopy=Snd, LoopDelay=Stu.
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