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Re: Slight OT - Mini-KP?

I had a fling with the Mini-KP a couple of months ago. I demo'd it for Korg, showing how I attached it directly to the face of my guitar. I used it to record two somewhat different pieces, and the text/audio/photos should appear in Korg's on-line newsletter any day now. If anyone would like an advance listen to one of the two audio tracks, I put it on my website.
Go here:http://www.thecoyote.org/listen.cfm and scroll down to Keeyater.All of the little wooshing synthy sounds and stuttering notes were done with the Mini-KP in real time with each of the two guitars. Also note the groovy contest, in which winners will get certain free goodies (including some looping CDs) for answering music-geek questions.
Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large
"The volume knob on your telepathy is your morality."        
- Stephen Gaskin, The Farm