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Re: mic recommendations; champagne recording on a beer budget


 If you are going to do MS miking, I would say check
out the Paia MS mic kit. If you can make your own
shock mount for it, it works amazingly well.

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> Subject: mic recommendations; champagne recording on
> a beer budget
> > I've always had to attempt champagne living on a
> beer budget
> > throughout my musical career as a professional 
> > producer/drummer/percussionist/band leader.
> >
> I might disagree with some of Rick's equipment
> choices, but I have to agree 
> with his methodology. Take the time to listen to
> sources through different 
> mics and preamps, and listen without believing the
> hype of the name on the 
> grill. The right mic for a source is not necessarily
> the most expensive. I'm 
> a big fan of the AT 4033/4050, and, unlike Rick, I
> do use the multiple 
> pattterns on the 4050, I'll use it in figure-8 as
> the side mic in a mid-side 
> setup. I recorded a solo piano session with a U67 as
> the center mic and the 
> 4050 as the side mic, sounded amazing.
> *footnote* Mid-Side is a super cool technique that
> I've been using a bunch 
> lately. Take a good cardiod mic, and aim it at the
> source of whatever you're 
> recording. Take a figure-8 mic, place it so that the
> diaphragm is as close 
> to the cardiod as you can get, but with the
> diaphragm facing 90 degrees away 
> from the first mic. Split the output of the figure-8
> mic and flip the phase 
> on one side. Pan the cardiod mic to the center, and
> the 2 channels of the 
> figure-8 to hard L&R, and you get a really nice
> stereo image that collapses 
> to mono nicely.
> My absolute favorite vocal mic is the Shure SM-7,
> about $325 new. It's a 
> large diaphragm dynamic, kind of a big brother to
> the SM-57. It has a way of 
> focusing the voice to the exclusion of everything
> else in the space. It's a 
> great trumpet mic as well.
> Rick mentions the cheap ART tube preamps, while they
> are a pretty OK 
> sounding preamp, there's a new Electro-Harmonix mic
> pre for under $200 that 
> is a "true" tube mic pre, and I like it a lot better
> than the ART. 

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