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Re: mic recommendations; champagne recording on a beer budget

Thanks for that cool technique, Dave,

I"m no expert,  just another intelligent home studio guy who has had a lot 
of experience with state of the art microphones
because I did hundreds of studio sessions in the 80's and early 90's 
(there's none in my area any more,  at least for me).

If I may,  what is a 'true'  mic -preamp and why is the ART not one, by 

yours,  always willing to admit that he doesn't know everything and 
to learn, hopefully,


> Rick mentions the cheap ART tube preamps, while they are a pretty OK 
> sounding preamp, there's a new Electro-Harmonix mic pre for under $200 
> that is a "true" tube mic pre, and I like it a lot better than the ART.