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Re: rat shack mic


 that's odd, at my local Radio shack they still have
the 273-064a that I have used for years. Hmmmm.

--- samba - <sambacomet@hotmail.com> wrote:

>   Cool trick.I wonder if radio shack still carries
> the same parts, as a lot 
> of their stuff has changed. I used to get these
> cheap little piezo 
> transducers  for about $3 that worked great ,but
> they no longer carry them. 
> .I understad you can get the same thing from cheap
> door bell 
> assemblies.Havent tried it yet.They used to have
> these cheap PZMs which were 
> the same as crowns and worked great for live
> redcording bands-I just put up 
> 2 waist ht on the front of the stage. Last I checked
> they no loger had those 
> either.
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