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Re: MIDI Tuba

Doug Cox wrote:
> just a thought - you could always pitch shift your loops post-recording 
> inside of ableton using one of the gazillion free VST pitch shifters.  
> SpectralMonkeyage or Choptich (from our own Matthias Grob!) would be my 
> first recommendations.
> Doug

Thanks for the tip Doug,
I'll be checking out SpectralMonkeyage right away.

..and thanks for mentioning Chopitch ( www.mathons.com ), but while it's
the highest quality shifter available under certain circumstances
it has a couple of limitations
1) only shifts downwards
2) works best with sounds that have a definite attack
3) not freeware, just very reasonably priced :-)
On the plus side though, it has quite a few "entertaining extras" thrown 
in, like
intelligent gating.

Mathons will be bringing out a pitch shifter plugin that won't have the 
restrictions, offering real time upwards shifts up to 2 octaves( maybe 
but we're busy on another project at the moment.

andy butler (Mathons)