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Re: MIDI Tuba

Sorry Richard,

The hex pickup you mention is an electric guitar pickup that depends 
upon a metal string vibrating.  It won't work otherwise.  However, I 
would suggest to Richard that he get a contact mic and feed it to a 
pitch-to-MIDI converter.  I don't know what devices are out there these 
days.  The Roland VP-70 from the '80s might work although it is meant 
for voice input.  Considering the low register of a tuba, you might be 
plagued by excessive conversion times.



Richard Sales wrote:
> Hey Miles
> I have a Roland guitar pickup that sticks on guitars (with dum dum - 
> that stuff electricians use). Have NO IDEA if it would work on 
> brass... or fiberglass in your case. Might need metal vibrating to 
> pick up signal. Actually, being magnet based, I'm sure it needs metal 
> wagging to get signal. It's like a record head - or six.
> I'm sure we could figure out some way to do it. Worst case using a mic 
> and converter. But you're welcome to take the gtr pickup and 
> experiment. I also have the rack interface (Roland GM 70) that 
> converts it to MIDI. You can borrow that too. I never use em. Was 
> gonna try it on the PRS 12 string but never got around to it.
> Anyone out there have any idea if this would work?