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Re: Self Promoting

I really.  REALLY, like the tv spot, amazing stuff! i'm totally
inspired to do this with my tuba now.  Amazing!

On 6/15/07, Zoe Keating <cello@zoekeating.com> wrote:
> Well, music is a full-time job for me which by definition requires
> that half my time (or more) be admin/biz/promotion.
> Some bands are better at "creating" news by sending out loads of
> press releases, I haven't done that (although I probably should).
> I've tended to focus on getting gigs and slowly growing my audience.
> In the end a "coup" like this (er, if it was, which is debatable)
> comes from someone hearing you, or someone recommending you, or
> someone reading about you. And in order for that to happen, well,
> people need to know about you, which means being as omnipresent as
> possible. My observance is that omnipresence can be achieved either
> by lots of money, or by the slow, steady growth that comes with years
> of legwork (and I believe strategy #2 gives an artist more staying
> power and makes it less likely that they will crash and burn).
> So there is no secret to it and I wasn't trying to be modest, just
> stating how it happened: someone at the station read about me in the
> local paper;  the writer for the paper heard about the cello festival
> which I was headlining;  the cello festival asked me to play cause
> they heard about me from somewhere else...and so on and so on. In my
> experience everything happens this way.
> But you're right in that years of little things I've worked hard on
> added up to this particular occurrence.
> hope that helps someone! Z
> On Jun 15, 2007, at 11:52 AM, Bill Fox wrote:
> > Zoe Keating wrote:
> >> they read about me in the local paper, which heard about me from
> >> somewhere else, etc.
> >> On Jun 14, 2007, at 3:03 PM, Cara Quinn wrote:
> >>>
> >>> Zoe, Very nice!  :)  Thanks so much for posting!...
> >>>
> >>> ...Also, how did you get the news spot?...
> >>>
> > Zoe, I assume that you are self-promoting as opposed to hiring out
> > that function to a third party?  I think that any musician who
> > doesn't spend as much time on such "non-musical" activities as they
> > spend at practicing is more likely to be doomed to playing in the
> > bedroom than the musician who does spend the time.  Please don't be
> > modest.  Sharing with us how you got a media coup like this will
> > only serve to help the looping community.  It's a lot of hard work
> > to promote oneself and you obviously do it quite well.
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Bill
> >

---Miles Ward