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Re: laptops and performance

My good friend Lee is @ NYU working direct with Ken Perlin (Perlin
Noise.. Genius)  on a multi-touch, multi display panel that makes
Surface look like a monochrome CRT.  Not only senses multiple touches,
senses proximity to the surface within 6 inches, and is projector
based, so can illuminate above and below a clear panel, so there's
lights projected down on your hands or other implements..
It's acrylic based, so you should be able to make oddly shaped acrylic
objects, and model touch on them... imagine a digital guitar that's
just a big strat shaped piece of clear plastic, with no strings, that
you can play?!

We live in an amazing world.

On 6/15/07, Qua Veda <qua@oregon.com> wrote:
>  Seems that Midi controllers (or other controllers) allow the computer to
> 'sit there crunching numbers'  while the performer moves around or sets
> his/her hair on fire or whatever.
> Foot controllers, data goves, sensors, faders , eventually control 
> like the Microsoft Surface,  or perhaps floor sensors like disco floors,
> would allow for some intersting performances  - whether the computer is a
> laptop or rack mount.
> -Qua
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> I agree; that's the central challenge with digital instruments from my
> opinion, as amazing as they are at doing things _exactly_ how do you take
> that energy from the crowd and turn it back around into more energetic
> playing?  click harder?
> Still frustrated that there's no midi controller for tuba...
> -Miles

---Miles Ward