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Re: Trouble Thinking of Loops Beyond the Initial Loop

One way I get around this is to imagine what Hendrix or someone would do. Usually it comes
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On 15-Jun-07, at 10:32 AM, Bill Fox wrote:

Elmer Fuddski wrote:
Total Block! Total Block! (from House of 1000 Corpses).
I keep coming up with pretty good/interesting loops (guitar and drum backing) with my RC-50. But, I can't seem to develop a corresponding "verse" to the initial loop structure (following a somewhat standard song structure).
Any ideas to help the creative juices flowing from this esteemed group of musucians?
If your "verse" were merely named the "A section," then you could free your mind from totally formal song structures, if you so desire. Now you can go to a "B section" with a little less trepidation regarding its content. Less trepidation will help unblock your thoughts.

One trick for your B section would be to change something from the A section. For example, change the key. If "A" is in a major key, go to the parallel minor key (same tonic) or to the relative minor key (down a minor third). Or go up a full step.

If "A" is in a minor key, one of my favorite modulations is down a half step to a major key. Both keys share the exact same note for their third degree. Example: "A" is in Am. It's third degree is C. Modulating to Ab for the "B" section, or second loop, keeps C as the third degree.

There are lots of other modulations that are possible. Use one of them for your next loop or next song.