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Re: Trouble Thinking of Loops Beyond the Initial Loop

Elmer Fuddski wrote:
> Total Block! Total Block! (from House of 1000 Corpses).
> I keep coming up with pretty good/interesting loops (guitar and drum 
> backing) with my RC-50. But, I can't seem to develop a corresponding 
> "verse" to the initial loop structure (following a somewhat standard 
> song structure).
> Any ideas to help the creative juices flowing from this esteemed group 
> of musucians?
If your "verse" were merely named the "A section," then you could free 
your mind from totally formal song structures, if you so desire.  Now 
you can go to a "B section" with a little less trepidation regarding its 
content.  Less trepidation will help unblock your thoughts.

One trick for your B section would be to change something from the A 
section.  For example, change the key.  If "A" is in a major key, go to 
the parallel minor key (same tonic) or to the relative minor key (down a 
minor third).  Or go up a full step.

If "A" is in a minor key, one of my favorite modulations is down a half 
step to a major key.  Both keys share the exact same note for their 
third degree.  Example: "A" is in Am.  It's third degree is C.  
Modulating to Ab for the "B" section, or second loop, keeps C as the 
third degree.

There are lots of other modulations that are possible.  Use one of them 
for your next loop or next song.