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Re: AW: Looping with the KP3 Kaoss Pad (video)

At 7:57 PM +0200 6/14/07, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:
>  > Hey Rainer, nice suit!!!  ;)
>Thanks! It seems that most looping people prefer this (Boss) suit even to 
>fifties' threepiece and to the cutaway stage clothing ;)

What can I say: obviously we're distinguished connoisseurs of fashion 
around here, and know how to appreciate fine clothing. <*huge grin*>

>(Sidenote: I already own a KP1 and
>KP2. I got the KP2 for its MIDI sync capabilities, then found that it
>doesn't have these nice, gritty, eighties-digital filters the KP1 has so I
>had to keep the KP1.

Yeah, similar situation here.  I already had the KP1 but, after 
finding out they had switched out the filters, I just never got 
around to getting a KP2.  Never having had a KP2, I'm glad to hear 
that you think the KP3 incorporates enough of the KP2 stuff to 
replace it wholesale.

>  > For some reason, I was previously under the impression that
>>  you needed to use the external editor to get a really clean
>>  loop.  Thank you for showing how easy it actually is.
>There is only one point which might keep you from getting a clean loop (in
>the timing sense): you have to select bpm (either by tapping or by
>knobturning) and loop length (in beats) in advance.

The BPM thing shouldn't be much of a problem.  However, I have the 
irritating habit of miscalculating the number of measures I'll 
eventually want in a loop (calculating two measures, for instance, 
then deciding I should've allowed for four).  So I'll probably goof 
that a few times before getting the hang of it.

>If you meant a click-free loop with "clean loop", I heavily suspect it to
>perform some non-destructive crossfading.

That was more what I was concerned about: that you'd need to import 
the new loop into the remote editor to get it properly aligned and 
pop-free.  The crossfading algorithm sounds pretty darn good though.

>  > Have you tried playing around with the loop re-ordering
>>  capabilities yet?
>As I understand, there is no re-ordering capability. The only things you 
>do to an individual loop are:
>       * adjust volume
>       * turn on/off
>       * remove some of its eight slices
>       * slide by a maximum of 1 beat

Perhaps re-ordering wasn't the best term.  However, I was referring 
to removing loop slices.  Saying that's re-ordering would be true in 
only the most technical sense.

I really thought it was interesting that instead of merely muting the 
slices, Korg chose to actually pull them out of the loop entirely. 
So, in a repeating loop of eight notes, 12345678, you could skip the 
even-numbered slices, for example, and turn it into a four-note loop, 
135713571357.  Should make for some interesting loop mangling.

Although it would be nice to have the ability to choose between 
muting or skipping the slices.  You can probably accomplish the 
muting by applying one of the slicer/tremolo effects, then you can 
bounce the effected loop to a new track.  That's a bit 
labor-intensive for a fairly simple function, however.

And I haven't really experimented much with sliding the loops.  I'd 
imagine that can make for some interesting polyrhythms too.

>There is indeed a great lot of possible options I'd really like to see in
>the KP3, at least some of which I believe would be easily possible...let's
>all get together and pester Korg until they implement them!
>Some ideas:
>       * "initial loop functionality"
>       * panning of samples
>       * add/remove samples and the line in from being processed by the
>       * playback of all samples continues when switching to sample edit
>       * reverse for entire samples and specific slices
>       * sliding/retriggering/stuttering
>Any more ideas?

Well, if they implemented an overdub capability, that would probably 
encompass the "initial loop" function (ala the old Repeater kludge) 
at the same time.  I think I'd vote for that one.

You can implement some nice stuttering effects by using the granular 
and sampling effects already.  More capability is obviously better, 
though.  Also, sliding by more than a single beat would be very(!) 

I really like the idea of reversing individual slices too.

And, of course, it would be nice if there were a feedback function of 
some sort.  That would make it more a Looper and less a Phrase 

But I have to wonder, has Korg ever released an OS update for these 
things that added any new functionality?  Otherwise, we're just 
compiling a wishlist for the KP4.

"I want to keep you alive so there is always the possibility of 
murder... later"