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AW: Looping with the KP3 Kaoss Pad (video)

> Hey Rainer, nice suit!!!  ;)

Thanks! It seems that most looping people prefer this (Boss) suit even to 
fifties' threepiece and to the cutaway stage clothing ;)

> Seriously though, very cool demo video!  I've been using my 
> KP3 for effects only, and I'd not yet gotten a chance to 
> really play with it's sampling capabilities.

You should - this is why I got the KP3. (Sidenote: I already own a KP1 and
KP2. I got the KP2 for its MIDI sync capabilities, then found that it
doesn't have these nice, gritty, eighties-digital filters the KP1 has so I
had to keep the KP1. Now I believe I can easily part with the KP2, though -
anyone here in Germany or Europe interested in a mint-condition KP2?)

> For some reason, I was previously under the impression that 
> you needed to use the external editor to get a really clean 
> loop.  Thank you for showing how easy it actually is.

There is only one point which might keep you from getting a clean loop (in
the timing sense): you have to select bpm (either by tapping or by
knobturning) and loop length (in beats) in advance. This will work well if
you play to an already existing loop or a delay set in bpm. What I did 
in the video) is to create a basic loop in the DD20 (great if you want e.g.
reverse, multiply/divide, the time-advance artifacts you also hear in the
video or lots of overdubs), then set the bpm of the KP3 according to the
DD20's display (caveat: its bpm display only displays integer number, so a
safe bet would be to take the ms reading and do some quick calculations in
your head) and transfer the loop.

If you meant a click-free loop with "clean loop", I heavily suspect it to
perform some non-destructive crossfading.

> Have you tried playing around with the loop re-ordering 
> capabilities yet?

As I understand, there is no re-ordering capability. The only things you 
do to an individual loop are:
        * adjust volume
        * turn on/off
        * remove some of its eight slices
        * slide by a maximum of 1 beat

There is indeed a great lot of possible options I'd really like to see in
the KP3, at least some of which I believe would be easily possible...let's
all get together and pester Korg until they implement them!

Some ideas:
        * "initial loop functionality"
        * panning of samples
        * add/remove samples and the line in from being processed by the
        * playback of all samples continues when switching to sample edit
        * reverse for entire samples and specific slices
        * sliding/retriggering/stuttering

Any more ideas?