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Re: Re: Re: Laptops

On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, Mech wrote:

> At 2:59 PM -0400 6/14/07, burnett@pobox.com wrote:
>> Off to design a Whack-a-Mole MIDI controller,
> Let me know when you start calling for beta testers.  :)

Actually, this might be fun to do. When I wrote that, I was thinking of 
the new Z-Vex Ringtone effect pedal.

The Ringtone has 8 ring modulator circuits, wired to a sequencer. It has a 
random feature where the signal is routed randomly on a fixed timeslice 
schedule, and it also has a stomp button for a linear step mode where the 
signal passes to each of the 8 in linear sequence, and you stomp to step 
the signal from ringmod 1 to ringmod 2, stomp again to pass the signal to 
3, then so on.

So if the Ringtone's randomizer activates a pop-up "mole" of 8 moles 
instead of lighting up the LED, and the whack passes the signal to the 
next random "mole", that becomes a large controller for the Ringtone.

Or: have all the moles "up", use velocity-sensitive to control length 
of note, and use the Whack-a-Mole to control a set of floor bass pedals 
(the old Taurus bass floor synth kind of design).

Steve Burnett   Subscape Annex    http://www.subscapeannex.com/