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Re: Laptops

[not addressing Travis specifically, but just the general group]

To be fair here, we could also point out that there are musicians who 
standup and use hardware that can come across
just as "uninteresting" as some sit-down laptop users.  What's more 
"uninteresting", watching a laptop musician check
his email all night, or a stand-up guitarist checking the time on his 
watch all night? I'm sure it varies by observer,
but the point is that what does the laptop have to do with any of this as 
general rule? Nothing that I can see, as I can
easily imagine a counter-example that involves the laptop, or a similar 
example that doesn't involve the laptop. I believe
counter-examples still cary some weight these days in the world of reason 
correct? So we factor the gear out of the
equation and limit the discussion to the individual behavior of the 
performer and the subjective resonse of the viewer.
Eveything in between these two things seems to be incidental.


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>> As an audience member, I prefer that I be able to easily tell the
>> difference between the performing musician and someone checking their
>> email while the output of their iTunes is pumped through the PA.
>> All the laptop performances I've seen have featured a musician who
>> stares at the computer most of the time.  I know there's exceptions,
>> but this has been my experience.
>> TH