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Re: Case against laptops

definitely can be done... just gotta cover the wires and then get one of the SUCCESSFUL hardware developers (korg, yamahaha, roland)  to pay for the R & D.

it's funny, wish you guys could have been at NIME last week... you would have enjoyed it.


We'll see how quickly or effectively we can get this done, but the company to look at is http://electrotap.com  , happy to give them a plug.  check out the teabox. 

believe me, if max is a huge learning curve for me, this is even higher, but the dudes have it totally under control.  they're great. 

but they're scientists, and we're in the lab.  making something like this will take something, and i'm not sure of it's practicality.  but it interests me.


On 6/14/07, Daryl Shawn <highhorse@mhorse.com> wrote:
Not that I use a MIDI controller nowadays - if the EDP is "old-school",
my cassettes are "pre-school" - but this is pretty darn sweet-sounding.
Even sweeter, though, would be to build it into a pair of shoes, so you
wouldn't be rooted to one spot. In fact, it would guarantee that you'd
be moving around, at least a little (voila! an interesting laptop

I love the thought of running full-tilt through the audience, triggering
different effects with each footfall.

Daryl Shawn
> For the record, I'm working with a team on a new type of footpedal
> which will augment or replace my fcb1010.  Imagine standing on two
> footprints.. the left one depresses switches when you lean, the right
> one functions as a pressure sensitive continuous controller as you
> lean forward and backward.

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