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Re: Case against laptops

Not that I use a MIDI controller nowadays - if the EDP is "old-school", 
my cassettes are "pre-school" - but this is pretty darn sweet-sounding. 
Even sweeter, though, would be to build it into a pair of shoes, so you 
wouldn't be rooted to one spot. In fact, it would guarantee that you'd 
be moving around, at least a little (voila! an interesting laptop 

I love the thought of running full-tilt through the audience, triggering 
different effects with each footfall.

Daryl Shawn
> For the record, I'm working with a team on a new type of footpedal 
> which will augment or replace my fcb1010.  Imagine standing on two 
> footprints.. the left one depresses switches when you lean, the right 
> one functions as a pressure sensitive continuous controller as you 
> lean forward and backward.