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Re: Case against laptops

Better:  hook up really really strange things to griffin powermates
and other input devices and be a total nut on stage by twisting and
mashing things to make sounds..  I remember a BT show where he had the
pitch wheels on his keyboards tied to strings that tied to the ground,
and the keyboards were on springs, so he would push the whole keyboard
table over to bend notes down, and if he let go they would splay back
and forth... bending pitch along back and forth... amazing to watch!

On 6/13/07, Qua Veda <qua@oregon.com> wrote:
> Well, there you have it!  Add a light show , or video, or surround,  - a
> computer makes a great platform to do that :-)
> -Qua
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>   One clear advantage to not using a laptop is that people working at
> laptops are not particularly interesting to watch. There's a whole style 
> I call 'Top of the Head' music 'cause that's all one sees. Pretty 
> perfectly happy to do without visual stimulation,esp if the music is
> good,but some showmanship goes a log way. That's agreat thig about
> percussion-the players look like they're doing something. An interesting 
> of mysterious gadgets can really help get people engaged. So my 
> to TOTH laptoppers is,either learn some dance moves,or add light show.
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