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Re: Laptops

Fair enough. You state what you pefer and limit your statement to your 
personal experience. Nothing wrong with that.  Hopefully you can 
something different in the future.

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From: "Travis Hartnett" <

> As an audience member, I prefer that I be able to easily tell the
> difference between the performing musician and someone checking their
> email while the output of their iTunes is pumped through the PA.
> All the laptop performances I've seen have featured a musician who
> stares at the computer most of the time.  I know there's exceptions,
> but this has been my experience.
> TH
>> "This assumes that they have to look at and touch their laptop, which 
>> isn't
>> always the case. In most cases, I can close my latop lid and do 
>> everything
>> with my MIDI controller - I can now with my new max system.  Also, some
>> hardware loopers are also not particularly interesting to watch either. 
>> One
>> just just as easily stare at his/her footpedals and instrument, rather 
>> than
>> engaging the audience."