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Re: OT $1.95 synth!

the wusik-people have constructed a strange scenario, here:

all the risk is given to their (potential) customers. with ZERO guarantee.
but every single dollar people send in is theirs to keep.
they will not give it back!
so whatever happens, wusik will make some dollars from idealistic people.

if they should not make the 150 000 margin, a very strange effect will set 
wusik will disappoint all their (potential) customers at once - for a 
2 dollars per customer.
marketingwise a disaster...
it would be wise to give out the prog to these people, anyway.

smooth looping - tilmann

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Subject: Re: OT $1.95 synth!

> On 13-Jun-07, at 3:48 PM, sine@zerocrossing.net wrote:
>>> Did I understand what you were saying?
>> I'm not sure.  I thought you were saying that the VST synth market today
>> was small and I'm thinking it's not that small.
> Oh no!  that's not what I was saying. I would imagine the VST market is 
> huge because it's so cheap.
> Somewhere back in the thread someone mentioned that some things couldn't 
> be sold cheap because they didn't think the market would support all the 
> R&D necessary to develop the product if sold cheap.  (Think 
> "Looperlative"). That's why I mentioned the small synth market in the 
> 80's.  Nowadays it might be different with VST etc.  And definitely 
> has thrown a new frisbee into that whole logic.  I would think it would 
> take a lot of courage and fallback plans (or day jobs) to pull that off.
> You are 100% correct!  The cheaper the item the (potentially) bigger the 
> market.  $2 synths and free looping software is a great thing.  Hats off 
> to those with the faith and/or resources to do it.
> Richard