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Re: Trouble Thinking of Loops Beyond the Initial Loop

I have paid off my creditors and still couldn't live on that!  Heck, my 83 year old grandmother who does nothing except watch TV can't!  (I know, I pay her bills.) 

Rick must love those Ramen noodles.  :)


On 6/13/07, Paul Richards <paulrichard_rocks@yahoo.com> wrote:
How in the heck do you do it? If I could ever pay off all my creditors, I still couldn't live on that much.
BTW, appreciated the tutoring as well.

RICK WALKER <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
errrrrrr, all this disagreement about professorial salaries aside,
I really appreciate the generous sentiment of Kris' original contention
off this particular thread.

He wrote:
"Cripes, man... you should be teaching at a university, making $70K a year.
Seriously. You're knowledge in this area is amazing."

Since I'm bringing down a mind boggling income of about $15k a year
(AND trying to live in the heady rent/mortgage environment of the SF Bay
Area) it was a really
warming thing to have him say.

thanks, Rick Walker

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