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Re: I now "get" the RC-50.

having the boss rc-2 i can understand some of the
frustrations related with the rc-50 from some of you
here.I aslo havent warmed up to it really i think the
first thing that make the boss loopers feel unatural
is the forced quantizise features.And i hate having
always to plug one of their switches to do an x-tra
simple function!i dont even know if i want to keep
this one the only advantage i see is its size,is there
another compact stomp box looper like it with no drum
machines or quantize outthere that does plain simple
record,overdub stop?

--- BreachinThePeace@aol.com wrote:

> The RC-50 is the biggest waste of money I have ever
> made the mistake of  
> investing in. It's cumbersome to say the least in
> that it's LOADED with useless  
> features. The guide is the most inept feature of
> all. If you can't keep time  
> with your foot you have no business looping. I
> always wanted, and had even 
> wrote  and suggested the product 10 years ago, a
> multiple master stereo version of 
> the  good old (noisy as hell) Boomerang which IS the
> only decent floor looper 
> ever  made. What a waste of technology and more
> directly, efficiency.
> Jeff
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