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Re: Back from europe/looping inspirations

   Hey Daryl, thanks muchly for the welcome back!!!  :) (yes, that was me 
with the Steinberger / Space Station combo)

   well, to be honest, I haven't been looping AT ALL for quite some time, 
and haven't even been playing at all either.

   Have been pursuing other avenues which I continue to do, however, I did 
get to visit with Rick Walker / some of the performers of the loop fest in 
05 (can't keep track of the numbers of the festivals 
themselves!  lol!)  and upon Rick's very sincere invite to this next one 
Oct, I decided to reobtain / revamp my setup a bit and go for it!!! 
woohoo!  :)

   So we'll see what comes out!

   I really respect what you said in your post, about taking in other 
things in the world when approaching a "block" situation, and personally 
believe that as well...  Even though I'm not in that particular situation, 
partially due to my hiatus, I'm most definitely coming upon the idea of 
putting together a looping set with definite new fervor...

   anyway, thanks for sharing a bit of your trip with us, and keep the 
cooking tips coming!!!  lol!

Do you ever get up to LA?  Would love to hear ya play!!!...  :)

Have a great day!...



At 10:42 PM 6/11/2007 -0500, you wrote:

>To my great disappointment, in my time in London and Paris I didn't get 
>hook up with any of the people who kindly emailed me. I do regret that 
>really need to make a bigger effort next trip (that darn "romance" thing! 
>always getting in the way!). Just wanted to say thanks to all who got in 
>I wanted to put forth how inspiring it was to take in a lot of 
>artwork. London and Paris both have such amazing museums (in London, many 
>of them being free to the public), full of works that have moved people 
>for generations. For those who are feeling stuck musically, as I've been 
>reading in some of the posts as I catch up, I recommend taking in other 
>forms for awhile and using that as source material, rather than thinking 
>of a particular musical thing to aim for. I loved the classical sculpture 
>in the Louvre, and all the predictable Impressionists, and Picasso, but I 
>found Dali (there's a dedicated museum in London) to be maybe the most 
>applicable for improvised looping. Those surreal landscapes seemed like 
>visual representations of the weird alternate universes that looping can 
>create. I felt very much moved to try to "describe" those scenes 
>Also, welcome back, Carla! I remember you rocking a Steinberger and 
>Digitech Space Station back at the first Loopfest, and wondered if you 
>still were looping.
>Finally, just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of cooks here. Music 
>what I "do", I always say, but cooking is my hobby. I have all kinds of 
>salsa recipes, but the best tip I can give (and I DO live in Mexico...) 
>to use Roma tomatoes, and to roast them until the skin blackens and 
>along with the jalapeno chiles if you're using them.
>Daryl Shawn
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other.  -Then, anything is possible..."


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