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Re: GP arcticle

Someone may have sent this already, but here it is anyway:
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Subject: GP arcticle


I want to second Rick in thanking Barry Cleveland for such nice coverage of us at the Y2K6 fest. In particular I’d like to thank the coverage of my pattern bald spot with the word Riffs! J  But seriously folks… Actually when I spoke to Barry, he said that he would still be in Poland by the time the issue broke. He is there attending and performing at the Thanks Jimi festival in Wroclaw Poland that is put on by Leszek Cichonski,  who if you have never heard is one of the most amazing interpreters of Jimi’s music, and creator of post  Hendrix style music you will ever hear. A lot of guys can get the sound but few can get the feel like this guy. I would encourage any of you to send a shout out to Barry at the guitar player web site.