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Re: still on the interface quest...

i have just recently bought the tc konnekt.
nice dsp reverb, a little channelstrip and really great sound.
adat spdif all inside.
looks cool. works fine with windows servicepack two AND an automatic 
for the firewire connection.
good tech hotline, friendly german guy taking care of driver issues etc.

the only teardrop: laptop firewire has insufficient power to run the 
so you have to carry the outboard power cable/case when on the road.

smooth looping everybody - tilmann

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Subject: Re: still on the interface quest...

> Have you checked out the pre-sonus firebox?
> http://www.presonus.com/firebox.html
> I think it meets most of your specs, except the effects (it comes with 
> Cubebase LE). I was ready to buy one the other day, but my ThinkPad T60p 
> doesn't have firewire...so I would have to buy a cardbus converter. 
> me off. I am getting the E-MU 1616 Cardbus for now, and am thinking of 
> getting my very first mac next January (for my 40th B-Day). I think this 
> is simlar to the M version, but without the effects.
> Kris
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>> Dear fellow laptoploopers,
>> some of you might remember my quest for the ideal audio (and MIDI) 
>> interface
>> to work with a computer, which was based on these requirements:
>> * at least two micpres
>> * symmetrical outs
>> * S/PDIF in/out coax
>> * headphone connector with level knob
>> And I'd also like to see a few DSP effects to take load away from my 
>> computer...mainly something for the vocal channel (compressor, EQ etc.) 
>> and
>> for the 2bus (same here), and perhaps some reverb...
>> The one I had set my eyes on was the TC Electronics Konnekt 24D or 
>> but
>> it seems that it only has one channel strip available on its DSP, great 
>> as
>> it may be...
>> I've seen yet another device in this field: the E-Mu 1616M. Anyone has
>> experiences with this one?
>> Rainer