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gig spam: Avant Gotlandica, june 11-17


Just a short note on this new (first year out) festival Avant  
Gotlandica. I'm playing two nights but am thinking about hanging out  
there for the rest of the week because it seems to be such a great  
little festival and also because I've never been to the island of  
Gotland. It was the commercial center for the entire baltic region  
(from 900 AD and for some four five hundred years... I think) until  
Lübeck took over that function in 1525. Today many old buildings are  
still intact, so the place seems to have some "time machine  
qualities". Anyway, here's from a festival pre info I found:

> Avant Gotlandica, Galleri Tapeten, Visby,
> "A festival in honour of the burning art. The art that posesses a  
> human being and makes her walk through fire and water to create  
> something that can neither be explained nor denied". Preliminary  
> line-up: The Noise Hippies (US) Bird by Snow (US) Origami  
> Traumatika (NO/SE) Per Boysen (SE) Lo Fi Lazer (NO/SE)  
> Idiomdrottning (SE) Melody + Daniel Karlsson (SE) Enavomi (NO)  
> Kymatica (SE) Daniel 3D (SE) Krian (SE) Solblomma (SE)

The venue (Old Fire Brigade Station). Only in Swedish today, but Engl  
info and performance schedule with probably be posted here ASAP:  

On Gotland: http://gotland.net/english/

More on the UNESCO World Heritage Site thing

Another interesting aspect of with this island:

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)