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Re: New Repeater in 12-24 months !

Yeah, and if anyone wants to paypal me money I'll take
deposits for it because I'm sure it's right around the
corner.  I can practically taste it!Make sure you sell
your current looper too.  Send me the proceeds of that
as well and I'll include special m@l3 1nh@nc3m3nt
p1lz. Be welsh be salaried!


--- "Weideman, Gary" <Gary.Weideman@bankofamerica.com>

> Laguna Hills, California (March 19, 2007) - Newly
> formed SBD Music,
> Inc., based in Laguna Hills, Calif., has acquired
> Electrix Pro, Inc., a
> leader in manufacturing professional audio
> equipment. 
> SBD Music, Inc. also announces they have appointed a
> board of directors
> consisting of Mark Buhler, Charles Dotson and Adam
> Scolaro. 
> "We saw a tremendous opportunity to acquire a very
> well respected brand
> name in Electrix. We are planning to re-introduce
> new versions of the
> Electrix products over the next twelve to twenty
> four months", says Adam
> Scolaro, president of SBD Music, Inc.
> "We are going to continue manufacturing high quality
> products that
> Electrix is known for, and try to build and expand
> the product line",
> added Mark Buhler.

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