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Re: Zipper Noise, an example

>> To be specific, Logic uses a 14 bit resolution. That means 16384  
>> available values for a parameter, as opposed to 128 values  
>> available in MIDI. This comes because Logic was not at first hand  
>> designed to be controlled by external MIDI but by dedicated  
>> control surface devices that use that higher resolution.

On 7 mar 2007, at 13.59, Charles Zwicky wrote:

> However, this is not why logic's automation is smooth.
> All logic automation is simply MIDI data.

I'm afraid you are misinformed on this. The internal data flow in  
Logic is handled by an application specific format. That's why you  
have to change any channel's automation functionality into "MIDI  
mode" to record MIDI for automation (other modes being Read, Touch,  
Latch and Write)

I don't have time to make an experiment that proofs it but if it  
matters for you you might try something like writing track automation  
of a repeated sound (some loop) for a rather long period, let's say  
ten minutes. Graphically set the volume to increase or decrease very  
little over that time span. I suggest something like using the mouse  
to set the volume at the beginning and then increase it by the  
smallest optional number for the end. Bounce the resulting audio to  
disc as an audio file. Open that audio file in a sample editor and  
study the curve of the actual audio produced. I think this curve  
should give a true representation of the resolution of the automation.

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