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Re: Zipper Noise, an example

>To be specific, Logic uses a 14 bit resolution. That means 16384 
>available values for a parameter, as opposed to 128 values available 
>in MIDI. This comes because Logic was not at first hand designed to 
>be controlled by external MIDI but by dedicated control surface 
>devices that use that higher resolution.

However, this is not why logic's automation is smooth.
All logic automation is simply MIDI data.
The volume faders are only quantized as 7 bits, if you 'view as number'
rather than 'view as dB' you will see that the faders range from 0 to 127.
Internally Logic uses an interpolation algo to smooth parameter changes.
Many parameters in logic have only 127 steps available.

As another example, consider a volume mute. This is only ONE step. If 
it is not smoothed there will certainly be a loud 'click' or 'pop' in 
the audio.