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Re: Zipper Noise, an example

On 6 mar 2007, at 23.54, Stefan Tiedje wrote:

> I refer to smoothing as a ramp of maybe 10 or 20 ms in audiorate  
> (much faster than Midi ;-) creating 44/88 values between two  
> Midivalues. This would also smooth out sudden jumps caused by a  
> crackling Pedal...

Ok, now I understand what you're talking about; an interpolation  
processing of the controller data. The "smoothing" in the FireworX I  
was referring to is rather an interpolation of the actual machines  
envelope for a given parameter change.

> I bet Logic is using this. They need for other reasons some  
> smoothing algorithms, to limit the number of events they want to  
> store into a track. (You should be able to switch this off though...)

To be specific, Logic uses a 14 bit resolution. That means 16384  
available values for a parameter, as opposed to 128 values available  
in MIDI. This comes because Logic was not at first hand designed to  
be controlled by external MIDI but by dedicated control surface  
devices that use that higher resolution.

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