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Re: Help with my live rig

Hi David,
maybe you should have a look at the Akai MB76 Mixing Patch Bay and Akai PEQ6 6Channel programmable equalizer. I have used both of them for many years and though their sound quality might not be "high end" theyīre more than sufficient for the regular life concerts. They are 19" 1Height Units and are for line use. You could patch your ux sends to them and from there onwards to the house mixer. The downside is, you would need a Midi footcontroller to change presets (each of the Akais having 32) and I think you canīt have a continous control, because the volume and EQ settings are set in steps) - BUT you will be able to change volume + routing and EQ settings for 6 Channels simultaneously with one command. You sometimes can find them on e-bay  for about 40-50 US $ and they are very reliable (I never had any problems with them in 15 years).
Unfortunately I havenīt quickly found a good website about those machines but maybe a thorough search would bring more results. Anyway here are 2 links to Harmony Central reviews:
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From: David H
Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 3:25 AM
Subject: Help with my live rig

Hey all, I have a conundrum I've been penciling around with for months trying to come up with a solution, but I can't quite find it on my own.
When I play at home, I run everything through one mixer: two mics, guitar, two Lexicon JamMen, and at least one FX loop. When my hands are not playing guitar, they are on the channel aux sends. Its important for me to be able to adjust them myself in real-time, so I can be re-routing what goes where (Jams to FX, Mic to Jams, Guitar to FX, Mic out of FX, etc).
But when I perform out live, I don't get to do this and many of my pieces are truncated. I send all signals directly to the house mixer and don't get any control myself. I could have my mixer on stage with me, and send stereo mains to the house, but I can't afford the hand-time to be EQing and riding fader levels to balance it out. I've prioritzed that to the foh engineer. I could tell him in the middle of a song, "Hey, turn aux 3 on channel four up to 12 o'clock!" but it is kindof a mood killer.
So how do I get to control aux sends from onstage, and an engineer to control EQ and fader levels from front of house? Is it possible? To make things even more difficult, I've built my rig and reputation on not using computers (as in laptops) onstage, so I'd probably not use any of the software options (if there are any).
Anybody else have this problem? Solutions?