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Re: Help with my live rig

Thanks for all the tips!
I already use my feet enough, controlling all the different hardware effects I use, and most of them don't have midi capability. I'm sure midi could solve a lot of my problems, maybe someday I will grow up and use it like I should, but its not an effective solution for me. I always say while others use midi as their symphony, I use it as my metronome. :)
I try balancing myself while playing, so I don't have to depend on the engineer. But what I hear when I play is not what gets recorded into loop. Its taking a lot of work and discretion to feel out when I play at such-and-such level, and what will playback.
I'm having a hard time figuring out that Roland VM system you suggested, Doug, especially since it seems to have been discontinued? There are all sorts of accessories and cards and stuff and I'm not sure how it would all map out. Although I am intrigued by the idea of connecting two mixers like that, that would probably be pretty ideal.
I've also thought of having direct outs on my onstage mixer go to foh, would it really work so simply? I'd have to send about 8 lines out, which isn't a ton, but its more than most small house snakes can handle. Even so, there is probably a way around that too. Would a mixer like the Onyx 1620 work well?