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Re: how much do you care about your music being in strict equal temperment keys?

> andy butler wrote:
>> Some things do bother me though, I hate it when jazz bass players  
>> play out of tune (which is most of the time) :-)

On 27 feb 2007, at 10.35, Stefan Tiedje wrote:
> Bass players often don't learn to bend the thick strings, and an ET  
> freted bass is always low...

I used a looped contra bass lick once on a computer DAW and thought  
it sounded "strange" but not bad. When analyzing it closely I noticed  
that one note where a quarter note down. Jeeez... had I played that  
"off" on a guitar it would have ruined the music totally.

> I love fretless basses, its much easier to play in tune with them  
> (and harder at the same time... ;-)

I like that statement! This one too:

> It might lead to beautiful music, but not because of following the  
> rules, I'd say though it follows some rules...

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