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Re: Well OT Re: What do you think is necessary in order to have anexcellentcomposition?

Quoting andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk>:

> Krispen Hartung wrote:
>> ----- Original Message ----- From: "andy butler" 
>>>> If you understand the theory and premises, then you will   
>>>> understand the points I made.
>>> Unless the theory is flawed, which it seemed to be.
>> They're all flawed, <large paragraph edited out>
> noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo............
> offlist
> please
> andy
> (we must be the only ones reading this thread)

Well, I've been reading the thread.

I view composition as a *process* wherein I start with some kind of  
musical idea and then develop it somehow.  While the goal of the work  
is to create something that 'transcends' the technicalities, I tend to  
put those thoughts out of my mind and 'get on with the task at hand'.

If I have a fleeting thought while I am at work composing such as  
"This is great... or this is horrible" ... I view the thoughts as  
"meaningless" in the sense that thoughts sometimes come and go like  
leaves floating in the wind.

Thus, I don't get too wrapped up in philosophical questions -- I just  
compose. I try to focus on the task at hand, create music, and let  
philosophy take care of itself.

Philosophy is a noble pursuit, to be sure.  Philosophy doesn't help me  
to work out a difficult key change, though.  :)

Ultimately, to look back on one's work and to feel a sense of  
satisfaction can be very uplifting.  Whether the words to describe the  
feelings have meaning or not, may we all experience the joy and  
inner-peace that come from a job well done.

-- Kevin