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Re: Boss RC-2 question

Hi Andreas,
In a word, no, this is not possible.  You have to remember that the RC2 and RC20s are very simple devices that don't have the ability in themselves to multiply phrases.  The way I have gotten round this myself is to use additional delay pedals to produce shorter loops, then record these 2, 4 or 8 times onto the RC20 to produce more lengthy loops.  This is a REALLY unsatisfying way or working, but it does work.

aandreas@gmx.ch wrote:
Hi all!

Im interested in a Boss RC2 looper, but have a question about something that i wasnt able to found out yet.. im sure someone here knows.
Is it possible to , say, record a 2 second loop, then overdub a 4 second phrase, then overdub a 8 seconds one, etc...?
can i overdub phrases that are x times multiply the length of the original loop? and does the overdub start/stop commands get quantized to that?

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