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Re: What do you think is necessary in order to have an excellentcomposition?

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From: "andy butler" <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk>

>> they feel, and they share common feelings. It generates a sense of 
>> and harmony among individuals; though I would argue does not generate 
>> so-called objective truth
> Actually, if you read the question carefully, it is asking for something 
> objective. ...and it's possible to draw objective conclusions from the 
> responses.

Asking and getting are two different things, just as saying something is 
true, false, or objective does not entail that it is.

> Let's take an example:-
> "Already it transpires that rigid adherence to serial systems is not 
> exclusively considered to be a pre-requisite for good composition. "
> hmmm.............true or false?

That's easy...neither, if you follow and use the gist of my original 
response as a starting point (that's the premise for my response).  The 
is that some statements are neither true nor false, because they aren't 
statements in the factual sense, only appear to be by syntax. But you are 
free to use a different set of premises to support a different 
concusion....but then you wouldn't disputing my logic at that point, just 
initial assumptions.

We are probably talking about diffrerent definitions of "objectivity" 
I am using the more formal and philosophical concept.