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Re: Bass FX

On 2/7/07, Bryan.Phil@kraft.com <Bryan.Phil@kraft.com> wrote:
> I want to record a loop  with my standard unaltered bass sound.  Then I
> would like to be able to be able to add some effects to the bass sound to
> either overdub or to just play along with the other loop.

That's what I do now...  :-)

> Id like to get an all-in-one unit

I use an Eventide GTR4000 in front of my Looperlative.  I don't know
what kind of money you want to spend, but if you ever try one of these
guys, you'll never go back!

> Is this possible or will it kill the low-end from my sound?

For bass effects, I usually roll a bit off the bottom end with an EQ.
How much and at what frequency will depend upon lots of things like
your pickups, speakers, amp, etc.  You can also adjust the "wet/dry"
mix to send the clean signal through so you still get the "umph"
underneath the effects.  Setting up different patches with different
amounts of roll off and different wet/dry balances will give you a lot
of options for your tone.

Have fun,