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Re: Bass FX

I have used a lot of processors that are designed for guitars and i've
never had much of a problem with the processor in the effect loop of
the amp. If you don't have an effect loop on your amp, A loooper-type
pedal (not looper, loooper) with a clean blend might be your ticket :)


On 2/7/07, Bryan.Phil@kraft.com <Bryan.Phil@kraft.com> wrote:
> So this is what Im trying to do.
> I want to record a loop  with my standard unaltered bass sound.  Then I
> would like to be able to be able to add some effects to the bass sound to
> either overdub or to just play along with the other loop.  Id like to 
>get an
> all-in-one unit (like the pod xt-live, boss ME or GT) however I think 
> most bass specific units are limited in the type of effects that are
> available so I have been thinking about getting a guitar unit.
> Is this possible or will it kill the low-end from my sound?  I still 
>want it
> to be able to sound like a bass just with some added effects.  Of course
> there will be times when I don't mind that there is not a lot of low end 
> for the most part I need the "BIG BOTTOM."