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Re: Bass FX

I run my computer based rig like this all the time and
it's a way cheaper path than the Eventide/Looperlative
route, if cash is an issue.

I think the key to getting a clean sound but effects
on a loop is having a mixer with effects sends.  This
way you can really mix and match your looper/effects
to suit your instrument and taste.


--- Doug Wellington <dougwellington@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 2/7/07, Bryan.Phil@kraft.com
> <Bryan.Phil@kraft.com> wrote:
> > I want to record a loop  with my standard
> unaltered bass sound.  Then I
> > would like to be able to be able to add some
> effects to the bass sound to
> > either overdub or to just play along with the
> other loop.
> That's what I do now...  :-)
> > Id like to get an all-in-one unit
> I use an Eventide GTR4000 in front of my
> Looperlative.  I don't know
> what kind of money you want to spend, but if you
> ever try one of these
> guys, you'll never go back!
> > Is this possible or will it kill the low-end from
> my sound?
> For bass effects, I usually roll a bit off the
> bottom end with an EQ.
> How much and at what frequency will depend upon lots
> of things like
> your pickups, speakers, amp, etc.  You can also
> adjust the "wet/dry"
> mix to send the clean signal through so you still
> get the "umph"
> underneath the effects.  Setting up different
> patches with different
> amounts of roll off and different wet/dry balances
> will give you a lot
> of options for your tone.
> Have fun,
> Doug

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