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Re: boss rc50 vs mh2880

so what setting did you put it on specifically to fix the glitch..I still do not understand what the hell Roland is talking about in the PDF...
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Sent: Friday, December 29, 2006 8:55 PM
Subject: Re: boss rc50 vs mh2880

This patch definitely works.
I just bought the RC50 and applied the patch.

I'm still going to test out the 2880, but this RC50 with the glitch fixed, is quite the tool!!!

2006/12/29, Ben <benoitruelle@yahoo.fr>:
There is an upgrade available for the RC50 which introduce a new parameter giving you the chance to remove the hiccup.
"This is the latest operating system for the RC-50. This update adds the ability to change the Playback-start Operation. Please refer to the "RC50 Update ReadMe.pdf" for the update procedure. Please refer to the "RC-50AdditionsOM.pdf" for this version's additions to the Owner's Manual."
I don't have the RC so no way to test but some French forum members have reported good results. Unfortunately no correction for the midiSync.
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Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2006 9:40 PM
Subject: Re: boss rc50 vs mh2880

the eh 2880 is very easy to learn  !!!
cons: the metronome goes by the main output , that is , yiou cant use it .

I'm still contemplating..which way to go on this one.

Pricewise, the RC50 is cheaper, and already comes in a footboard type setup.
But I noticed the little hiccup after making the first loop when I tried it out at the store.

The 2880..gives me one more loop track to play with..




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