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Re: boss rc50 vs mh2880

Title: Re: boss rc50 vs mh2880
There is an upgrade available for the RC50 which introduce a new parameter giving you the chance to remove the hiccup.
From rolandus.com:
"This is the latest operating system for the RC-50. This update adds the ability to change the Playback-start Operation. Please refer to the "RC50 Update ReadMe.pdf" for the update procedure. Please refer to the "RC-50AdditionsOM.pdf" for this version's additions to the Owner's Manual."
I don't have the RC so no way to test but some French forum members have reported good results. Unfortunately no correction for the midiSync.
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Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2006 9:40 PM
Subject: Re: boss rc50 vs mh2880

the eh 2880 is very easy to learn  !!!
cons: the metronome goes by the main output , that is , yiou cant use it .

I'm still contemplating..which way to go on this one.

Pricewise, the RC50 is cheaper, and already comes in a footboard type setup.
But I noticed the little hiccup after making the first loop when I tried it out at the store.

The 2880..gives me one more loop track to play with..